Web Check

Ai Automation would like to launch our first self-calibrating measurement WEB CHECK System designed to work with any thickness application you may have.

The WEB CHECK System uses the highest possible accuracy slide technology from NSK along with a self-calibration program to ensure maximum accuracy of around +/- 10 microns.

The WEB CHECK system can gather and process all of your thickness data to create a closed-loop control to ensure your product is always within tolerance. The WEB CHECK System can also store all of your data and graphs as desired.

The WEB CHECK System can utilize a variety of measurement technologies to give the best performance to cost ratio for your application. The highest accuracy offering makes use of Keyence’s CL measurement sensor to ensure stable, accurate measurement on a variety of products.

The WEB CHECK System can be customised to suit the length of your web, accuracy of your product and environmental conditions to create the best possible solution for your application.

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