Bin Picking

Ai Automation is excited to be an official partner of HD Vision Systems LumiScan camera system. LumiScan is a revolutionary solution to complex inspection and Bin Picking. The system integrates with all major robot manufacturers and will allow previously impossible inspections to be completed.

Vacuum cross

When Robots See Better Than Humans

Do you need precise measurement, quality inspection or fully automatic localization of complex objects? LumiScan offers you the solution. AI-based technology shows its advantages over conventional processes, especially with shiny, metallic surfaces and fibre composite materials. Because with the help of 3D scanners, robots equipped with LumiScan see better than humans. The LumiScan system is easy to use and is fully functional even in normal ambient light. Let yourself be inspired!

Arm Picking

The LumiScan design stands for high data quality and reduces masking. In this way you can reliably automate your “picking in the box”. Simply installed, the system is quickly set up and ready to go. You can easily teach LumiScan new objects via CAD data or directly through examples.

As standard, LumiScan communicates with all common robot types and image processing libraries via OPC-UA or Gen-TL.

Arm picking robot

Robot inspection

Quality Inspection

Our technology checks objects by combining 2D and 3D information. LumiScan detects geometrical deviations, surface scratches and components for completeness. Data-driven approaches of AI and machine learning allow rapid adaptation to new objects. Results are automatically fed into the machine control via OPC UA or Profinet.

Scanning Objects

Automate your incoming goods inspection, measurement and documentation. LumiScan measures objects without any action and creates a precise digital twin. The LumiScan system can be adapted to your required measurement volume. With the push of a button, the entire measurement runs automatically.

Helmet inspection

Helmet inspection

Flexibly Adaptable

Your application is not included yet? Our LumiScan technology can be easily and flexibly adapted to your needs. Regardless of whether you want to vary the measuring distances or optimize the edge lengths of the measuring volume – we support you competently with LumiScan.

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