Deep Learning

Ai Automation is at the forefront of bringing Artificial Intelligence to machine vision to further push industry 4.0 forward. We have partnered with Cognex to utilise the VisionPro Deep Learning software that allows us to solve complex applications that were impossible before. We can deploy deep learning solutions into any industry to give fast Return on Investment and ensure quality products.

Ai Automation is able to build this into a complete turnkey system from initial consultation to training and ongoing support. Get in touch with the UK experts in Deep Learning to develop your application now.

Innovative deep learning tools

VisionPro Deep Learning provides traditional vision users access to example-based deep learning tools. These tools are optimized for AI inspections in a manufacturing environment and require smaller image sets for quicker training. The user-friendly GUI also provides a simple environment to manage and develop your applications. Choose between Blue Locate, Red Analyze, Green Classify, and Blue Read tools to solve applications that are too complex for traditional rule-based machine vision approaches.

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