Delta Robots

We have a wide range of delta robots available, from lightweight options for intricate work all the way up to the larger heavier duty robots ideal for bigger weights and solutions

Industries that take advantage of the high speed of delta robots are mainly the packaging industry, however other applications include high precision assembly operations in a clean rooms for electronic components.

The structure of a delta robot can also be used to create haptic controllers and more recently the technology has been adapted to 3D printers.

Lexium P Delta 3

The Lexium P are Delta robots with 3-4 axis, for pick & place solutions, available with
three sizes of work envelope.

They are sold ready-to-use with pre-assembled, ready-to-connect mechanics. Have a high precision, high dynamic response, have flexible mounting, a low noise level, are compact, flexible and easy to clean.


  • Easy to clean
  • Low noise
  • Capable of performing intricate tasks

Possible Industries

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