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Leading the industry with expert experience in Vision Systems,
PLC Programming and general automation solutions.

International Turnkey Systems

Based in Manchester in the North West, Ai Automation can provide custom turnkey solutions to both UK and international customers.

Standard Products

Ai Automation has developed a range of standard products that can be bought as off the shelf products. 

Controls Systems & Machines

Ai Automation has experience at designing control systems from the ground up and retrofitting to existing systems. 

PLC Programming

Ai Automation can modify an existing PLC or alternatively provide a new unit that will guarantee industry 4.0 compliance. 

We offer PLC programming from the ground up or from modification of existing systems and we have a team of engineers ready to provide support for your systems whether new or old. 

With a variety of experience in PLC’s including Siemens, Allen Bradley and Schneider Electric, Ai Automation are an ideal choice for any PLC programming needs.

Automation Robot


We offer robotic solutions focusing on Pick & Place applications using vision systems.

Our robotics solutions can add value to countless industries. Industrial robot arms are used to boost performance and automate your industry. Every industry has its own unique challenges, but there is one simple solution to all of them: robots.

Automation is key in today’s fast-changing production environments. Even if you don’t think we can provide for your industry, we are positive that there are ways we can make your business work smarter, faster, safer, and more efficiently than ever before.

Vision Systems for Automation

Ai Automation is able to offer complete turnkey vision inspection systems with ongoing support. 

Our camera, vision and inspection solutions are suitable for any application, able to massively benefit any manufacturer in a variety of industries.

The vision systems we produce have been developed specifically for manufacturing industries to overcome their biggest challenges – producing the highest quality product quickly and with consistency. Our vision and inspection systems ensure both production quality is met and time efficiency is maintained.

Keyence Cameras for Automation

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    Laser Marking

    We offer a variety of laser marking systems to suit product type and speed.

    Large technological developments in laser marking mean that traditional inkjet systems can be replaced with faster, more efficient solutions.

    With these developments however, safety remains paramount. Ai Automation has produced enclosures which allow users to have a good line of sight of the production area while ensuring safe operation.

    Laser Marker
    Laser Sensors


    We can implement and engineer sensor solutions suited to any automation environment or application.

    Sensors form a critical part of every factory and are often underappreciated. Many production issues can be solved through simple improvements which our heavily experienced team can resolve.

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