An innovative palletising system

Ai Automation’s speciality is bringing together different components, from a variety of suppliers to create a standard turnkey system. Years of experience have allowed Ai Automation to create the AutoPallet system – a universal COBOT palletising system. The system below has a total footprint of 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.2m, including a pallet, meaning it is incredibly compact and can be adjusted depending on the application.

Ai Automation is able to provide a turnkey installation of the system including comprehensive training and support worldwide.

Below are examples of the various components to create AutoPallet.


The VMECA gripper allows for large flexibility when working with a variety of box sizes. In addition, the system can be continuously configured the future for new box sizes.

Pally – Palleting Software

Pally is automated layer building software used to massively reduce set-up time and allow for easy addition of new layouts/boxes.

Ewellix Lift Kit

The lift kit allows the configuration of all pallet heights up to 1650mm.

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