Ai Automation

About Us

Ai Automation is an automation company specialising in camera inspection and robotic applications. The company offers turnkey automation projects for end-users in the UK and abroad. With expert knowledge in a niche field, Ai Automation is at the front of the fourth industrial revolution and creating solutions and products to suit the needs of a rapidly evolving industry.

The company has been developing a number of unique products to bring to the manufacturing market. These include unique deep learning applications, OCR verification systems, complex 3-D bin-picking systems, the utilisation of cobots and 1D thickness measurement products.

We can provide small to large scale projects from our various partners and are always willing to work with existing client equipment. Our skilled engineers can get involved from the conception all the way through to service and support contracts after installation.

We are also able to support OEMs with the design of black-box vision systems or controls systems for their equipment worldwide.

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