PLC Programming

Modernise your PLC

PLC programming is an important task of designing and implementing control application depending on customers need. A PLC program consists of a set of instructions either in textual or graphical form, which represents the logic to be implemented for specific industrial real time applications.

Reliable PLC programs are essential for the continued operation of any system – as manufacturing sector systems continue to advance every year, the need for modernised and robust PLC programs increases.

Get your PLC Industry 4.0 Ready

Industry 4.0 is the evolution to cyber-physical systems, representing the fourth industrial revolution on the road to an end-to-end value chain with Industrial IoT and decentralized intelligence in manufacturing, production, logistics and the industry. 

Industry 4.0 is upon us and getting your PLC in shape to take full advantage of this is key to continued success and efficiency. Ai Automation specialises in replacing redundant PLCs with new ones in order to massively improve functionality and communication with other industrial devices.

Ai Automation can modify an existing PLC or provide a new unit that will guarantee Industry 4.0 compliance. 

We have experience with a variety of PLC’s including Siemens, Allen Bradley and Schneider Electric. 

We have a team of engineers ready to provide support for your systems be them new or old. 

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