Laser Marking

Laser Technology

New laser marking technologies are emerging every few years but currently the most common are:

  • CO2
  • YVO4
  • Hybrid
  • Fibre
  • UV

Each has a range of benefits and weaknesses depending on material type and process speed. Laser marking safety is paramount, and Ai Automation has produced enclosures that allow users to have a good line of sight of the production area while ensuring safe operation. 

Benefits of Laser Marking

Laser marking has developed to the point where you can now replace conventional inkjet systems. Clear benefits can be seen such as:

  • Operator Instigated Maintenance
  • No Messy Filling or Storage of Dangerous Chemicals
  • No Costly Consumables
  • Expected Lifespan of 10+ Years
  • Non Contact Marking
  • Clear and Consistent Marking

Get a recommendation

Get in contact today and send us samples – we can provide you with a proposal for the correct type of laser printer from a variety of manufacturers. In it, we calculate how much money you will save on consumables – making it an easy decision to change!

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