Line Scan Cameras

Line Scan Cameras

Ai Automation are experts in a variety of line scan camera systems, from the Keyence XG-X system to completely custom systems using Basler Racer Cameras.

Perhaps the most common example of line scan imaging is the fax machine. Line scan imaging uses a single line of sensor pixels (effectively one-dimensional) to build up a two-dimensional image. The second-dimension results from the motion of the object being imaged. Two-dimensional images are acquired line by line by successive single-line scans while the object moves (perpendicularly) past the line of pixels in the image sensor.


Advantages Line scan image capture has many benefits, including:

  • Price/pixel: line scan offers much more cost-effective implementations of very high spatial resolution image capture
  • Dynamic range that can be much higher than alternative image capture methods
  • High pixel fill-factor (typically 100%) to maximize sensitivity
  • Smear-free images of fast-moving objects without expensive strobing or cumbersome shuttering
  • Processing efficiency: line scanning eliminates the frame overlaps required to build a seamless image. Frame overlaps represent redundant data that uses up precious processing bandwidth, particularly in high-speed, high-resolution applications.
Line Scan Camera

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