Line Scan Cameras

Line Scan Cameras

Ai Automation are experts in a variety of line scan camera systems from the Keyence XG-X system to completely custom systems using Basler Racer Cameras. You will need to modify the text to avoid any copyright issues.

Perhaps the most common example of line scan imaging is the fax machine. Line scan imaging uses a single line of sensor pixels (effectively one-dimensional) to build up a two-dimensional image. The second-dimension results from the motion of the object being imaged. Two-dimensional images are acquired line by line by successive single-line scans while the object moves (perpendicularly) past the line of pixels in the image sensor.


Advantages Line scan image capture has many benefits, including:

  • Price/pixel: line scan offers much more cost-effective implementations of very high spatial resolution image capture
  • Dynamic range that can be much higher than alternative image capture methods
  • High pixel fill-factor (typically 100%) to maximize sensitivity
  • Smear-free images of fast-moving objects without expensive strobing or cumbersome shuttering
  • Processing efficiency: line scanning eliminates the frame overlaps required to build a seamless image. Frame overlaps represent redundant data that uses up precious processing bandwidth, particularly in high-speed, high-resolution applications.

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