Barcode Readers

Image-based barcode readers are rapidly replacing manual processes and laser scanners in a wide range of industries including food, beverage, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, and logistics. When considering a transition from laser scanners to image-based barcode readers, many think the investment cost is too high.

Thanks to advances in technology, image-based barcode readers are not only comparable in price to laser scanner technology but are also more powerful. Today’s most advanced image-based barcode readers have overcome the technical and economic hurdles and now offer a more attractive alternative to industrial laser scanners on the factory floor.

In use, the latest generation of image-based barcode readers has proven to outperform lasers in the following areas:

 – Read rate performance
– Omnidirectional code reading
– 2D Code reading
– Image visualisation and archiving
– Barcode quality feedback
– Cost of ownership

Ai Automation are experts in multiple barcode reading technologies and are able to install single readers up to entire factory control systems that interface with your software.

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